2013     ‘Memories for the Future’, Societe Generale Gallery,
              Alliance Francaise, Singapore
2012     ‘Past Journeys: the 1970s’,  Studio Square, Yangon
2010     ‘Deep Dreams 2010', Studio Square, Yangon
2009     ‘The Real & The Mythical Vol: 2', New Zero Art Space, Yangon
2008     'The Real & The Mythical', Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong
2006     'Nat+06', Studio Square, Yangon
2004     'NCS Recent Works', Sedona Hotel, Yangon
              'Pop Art Show', Yangon
2003     'NCS, Early Works ‘, Book for All, Yangon
1999     'Color in Rodeo', Rodeo Cafe, Yangon
              'NCS', The Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art, Yangon
1998     'Nude', Inya Gallery, Yangon
1997     '24', Lokanat Gallery, Yangon


2012     ‘The Freedom of Life’, 11th Anniversary of FFSS, Yangon
2011     ‘Body Temporary’, Institut Francais de Birmanie, Yangon
2010     ‘I Issue 2010’, Bangkok Art Culture Center, Thailand
              ‘International Festival of Contemporary Theatre’, Yangon
              ‘Story teller’, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
              ‘Bo Aung Din’, Bangkok, Thailand
2009     ‘Speaking Alone’, Thavibu Gallery, Bangkok
              ‘Body Temporary’, Group Performance at Alliance Francaise, Yangon
2008    ‘Shadows on Modernity’, Group Performance at Alliance Francaise, Yangon
              ‘I Issue’, Group Performance at Alliance Francaise, Yangon
              ‘New Zero Art Show’, Beikthano Art Gallery, Yangon
              ‘Spiritual Spaces’, Solo Performance at Thavibu Gallery, Bangkok
              ‘Festival on Contemporary Theatre and Performance Art’,
              Alliance Francaise, Yangon
2007     ‘The Bells’, Solo Installation Show at Studio Square, Yangon
2006     ‘New Songs’, Performance for Musique 2006 at BME2, Yangon
              ‘Myanmar Performance Art Festival’, Alliance Francais, Yangon
2005    ‘Group Performance’ Studio Square, Yangon
              ‘Group Performance’, Inya Gallery, Yangon
              ‘Group Performance’ Alliance Francaise, Yangon
              ‘NIPAF’, Tokyo- Aichi- Kyoto, Nagano
              'The 12th Nippon International Performance Art Festival’, Yangon
              ‘Myanmar Performance Art Festival’, Inya Gallery, Yangon
2004    ‘Japan Myanmar Performance Art Festival’, Yangon
              ‘I am not a Terrorist’, Group Performance, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2003    ‘Full Moon Day’, Street Performance, Yangon
2002    ‘Bed of Roses’, Ivy Gallery, Yangon
2001     ‘Yellow Metal’, Solo Installation, Art Season Gallery, Singapore
              ‘NCS 2001’, Solo Installation, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2000    'Fluoscent Art’, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
1999      ‘The Green Man’, Redeo Cafe, Yangon
1997      ‘On the Road’, Street Performance, Yangon


2013 -
2011     ‘Wathann Film Festival’ festival organizer
              ‘Khin Khin Pyo…one of the song’, poetry film, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2010     Screened ‘Near Mandalay and Who it is’, Osage Gallery, Singapore
              Showed short films ‘Near Mandalay’ at ‘Transmediala.10’,
              New Media Festival, Berlin, Germany
2006    ‘Opera # 1,2’, Video Art Show, Studio Square, Yangon
              ‘Nat + 06’, Solo Show, Studio Square, Yangon
2004     ‘Pop Art in Singapore Group Show’, Art Season Gallery, Singapore
              ‘Pop Art Solo Show’, Studio Square, Yangon
              ‘Who is ?’, DVD Art Work Show, Mr. Guitar Cafe, Yangon


2011     'Gold Fish', Video Art, Nominated for Signature Art Prize 2011,
              Singapore Art Museum
              Highly Commended, Myanmar National Portrait Awards 2011,  Yangon
2004    2nd Prize, Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards , Myanmar Times, Myanmar
2001    Certificate of Recognition, Philip Morris Group of Companies ASEAN
             Art Award


Fukuoka Asia Art Museum, Japan
Singapore Art Museum


Charoen Pockhand Group Of Companies, Thailand
Phillip Morris Group of Companies
KBZ Bank, Yangon
Myanmar Bank Association


Britain, Italy, Japan, France, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany
Born in 1973, NCS has participated in countless national and international shows, winning numerous awards along the way.  His participation in the Fukuoka Art Triennale in 1999 launched his international art career, resulting in NCS’ works in the permanent collections of the Fukuoka Art Museum and the Singapore Art Museum.

NCS' influences were extensive. Whilst helping to create posters for the 8888 student uprising, NCS realized that he wanted to pursue a career as an artist. Despite parental objection, he enrolled in the State School of Fine Art in 1990.  He studied under Hlaing Bwa known for his strong form, colour and moody intensity and progressed to develop his own energetic works.

He started painting traditional still life, landscapes and the Myanmar countryside and soon developed his own style of Abstract Expressionism.  Abstract Expressionism which influenced artists in Yangon in the 1970s, also influenced NCS but his work stands out with his expansive canvasses, bold colours and powerful brushwork.

NCS’s  paintings have a fresh simplicity and vivacity about them. He leaves much of the canvas empty,  drawing you in with broad, colourful and bold strokes and exaggerated figures.  His paintings provide an escape from the reality of years of isolation and strict military rule,  because even now, very little has changed. His ‘Dreamscape Series’ does precisely this, using colours that don’t exist naturally but created for pleasure and joy.

On top of  his outstanding accomplishments as an artist, NCS has been at the forefront of promoting young Myanmar artists and showcasing installation, performance and video art expanding beyond what is taught in the local art schools.

NCS: Trailblazing! is organized by Asian Palette in collaboration with Web in Travel.
born 1973, Myanmar

State School of Fine Arts, Yangon
Studied under U Kyaw Lay, U Mya Aye,
U Sayoe, U Tin Aye(MDY), U Thit Lwin Soe, U Hlaing Bwa

2013     ‘Re-Connect: Contemporary Photography from Myanmar’, Jendela,
              Esplanade, Singapore
2013     ’EAO 90s’ Contemporary Art Show, Studio Square, Yangon
2012     ‘Asian Art Archive Annual Fundraiser 2012', Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong
              'Third Wave Indo-Myanmar', Camera 6 Gallery, Jakarta
              'Save the War Victims Charity Exhibition', Yangon
2011      'Recent Works of Studio Square', Studio Square, Yangon
              'Snow Set Art Show 2011', Ministry of Culture Art Gallery, Yangon
              'Myanmar National Portrait Awards 2011', River Gallery, Yangon
2010     ‘Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition', Suvannabhumi Art Gallery,
              Chiang Mai
              'Play 2010, Art from Myanmar Today', Osage Gallery, Singapore
              '2010 Exhibition-2’, Gallery of Sin Byu Daw, Mandalay
              'My Favorite Collection', River City Art & Antique Center, Bangkok
              'Players', Sarpay Lawka 5, Yangon
2009    'Ode to Art', Karin Weber Art Gallery, Hong Kong
              'My Favourite Art Exhibition', Myanmar Art Center, Yangon
              'The Mandalay Arm Art Show', Pan Thu Sandar Art Gallery, Mandalay   
              'Asean Contemporary Art Exchange', New Zero Art Space, Yangon
2008     'New Zero Group Art Show', Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
              'Nargis Relief Art Show', Mandalay
              'Nargis Relief Art Show', Thamada Hotel, Yangon
              'New Zero Art Space', Yangon
2007     'ORIENT 2007', ASEAN-Japan Center, Tokyo
              'Recent works', Studio Square, Yangon
              ‘Group show’, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong
2006     'Identity', Blue Space Contemporary Arts Center, Ho Chi Minh
              'Contemporary Art from Myanmar', The Dhara Dhevi Gallery, Chiang Mai
2005    '05 Figures', Studio Square, Yangon
              'Korea & Myanmar Contemporary Painting Exhibition'
              'New Zero Group Show', Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2004    'The Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition', YIS (ILBC), Yangon
              'New Zero 20th ', Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
              'Inner Light Contemporary Art Show', Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2002     'Random Illusion', The Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art, Yangon
              'Special Group Show', AZADA Gallery, Yangon
              '5th Annual Group Show', MGCA
              'Burmese Dreamscape', Art Season Gallery, Singapore
              'Phillip Morris Asian Art Award Exhibition', Yangon & Bali, Indonesia
              'Contemporary Asian Art Fair', Singapore
              'Burma Days', Zee Stone Art Gallery, Hong Kong
2001     'New Millennium Group Show', MGCA, Yangon
              'Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards', Myanmar & Hong Kong, Yangon
              'Through Myanmar Eyes', Art Season Gallery, Singapore
              'The World's Premier Contemporary Asian Art Fair 2001', Singapore
              'Annual Group Show', The Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art, Yangon
              'Oil Painting Program', The Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art, Yangon
1999     'Group Show', The Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art, Yangon
1998     'Myanmar Art 98', Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
1997      'Summer Poetry', Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
1996      'Nat Mauk Group Show', Nat Mauk Gallery, Yangon
1995      'Oxygen Exhibition', White Line Gallery, Yangon
1994      'Snow Set', Inya Gallery, Yangon

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